As the year draws to a close it is wonderful to be celebrating with friends and family. It is a time that we tend to indulge and over do the food and the wine.

Coming into New Year’s as we make our final hurrah to 2018 we find ourselves reflecting and planning for 2019.

What will your goals be for the next twelve months?

More fun, more money, more time to do the things for you, more energy, more sleep? It may something you want less of. Less stress, less time working, less hassles, less aches and pains, less weight?

I am so excited for 2019 and sharing with you information so that you may gain ‘more of’ or ‘less of’ with my series of “Let’s Talk”. A series of informal interactive talks that will allow insight to various areas of health.

The first will be about Thyroid Bloods, what to ask for, what they mean and how to interpret the results. Details for date to be released in January. You may call/text me on my number below to register your interest.

As always my Naturopathic practice can assist your various health issues, including mood, sleep, hormones, stress and gut issues. If you are seeking weight loss or general well being, the Metabolic Balance® Programme is a fabulous way of obtaining so many health goals just by eating real food. Contact me for more details.

Beth Klenner
Metabolic Balance® Coach
Ph: 0412 703 419

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