Metabolic Balance® is the brainchild of Dr Wolf Funfack along with his Naturopath Wife, Birgit and her sister Silvia Bürkle a food technologist in the late 1980’s.

The Metabolic Balance®  programme is based on the German national food database. Along with personal data (body measurements, age, gender, previous illnesses, current medications, food dislikes, intolerances and 32 blood parameters) from the individual seeking a plan.

How does it work?  Metabolic Balance® Programme is based on the hypothesis that the number of different enzymes and hormones are required for the digestion of different foods.  It is a matter of giving a personalised nutritional diet to ensure all these nutrient requirements are met. When the enzymes and hormones are back in balance, the body can naturally rebalance their state of metabolism.

This whole foods nutrition programme begins working right away and has a long-lasting effect.  After two years the long-term success rate in terms of maintaining normal weight and improved clinical values is between 60-90%.


The Metabolic Balance® Programme is practitioner only, which means that you have one on one contact with me, a qualified Naturopath, who can guide you and assist with therapeutic supplements if and when needed.  This is a whole foods programme and intervention is on a case by case basis. 

Natural Weight loss.  Simple, Easy. 

Are you sick of not knowing what is the right food for you to eat?  You’ve tried Gluten Free, Keto, AIP, Low sugar, No sugar, FODMAPS, Intermittent fasting.  Maybe been a member of Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.

These options have left you unsatisfied, confused and feeling like nothing can help you.

It’s because of your thyroid they said. 🙁 You have lost all hope. :\  

How would you love to eat foods knowing they are intelligently chosen for you?

How would you love to wake up in the morning, jump on the scales and find you have lost 200, 300, 500 – 1000gms!  Overnight.  You read that right. I said Overnight!  

It has been done and you could be next. 

Are you committed to making changes in your eating habits and choices of what you eat?

Are you committed to trying new foods and swap out foods? 

eg. no longer eating cereal or toast for breakfast or just having a coffee

Do you want to re-boost your metabolism and melt into the size of your dreams?

If you have answered YES to all three of these questions then you are on the way to making exciting and huge changes in your life for the sake of your health, mind and longevity..

WARNING:  You may experience compliments and need to buy new clothes. 🙂

This program is:

1. Easy

2. Simple

3. Pro Health 

4. Really works

5. Has research data


Why wait when you can already be melting away. 


The long-term success of a nutrition programme for weight reduction is defined as follows:

The original body weight must be reduced by at least 5% and this weight loss must be maintained for 1 year (Committee to Develop Criteria for Evaluating the Outcomes of Approaches to Prevent and Treat Obesity & Institute of Medicine).

In line with this definition 62.5% of Metabolic Balance participants achieved this target.  Not only that 31.1% even lost more than 10% of their body weight and remained so for more than one year.

See the Researched Article here on Metabolic Balance 




Metatobolic Balance Complimentary Consultation 

20 Minutes – Free

 Let’s meet up and have a obligation free appointment   to discuss how Metabolic Balance can benefit you.

For more more details about Metabolic Balance® Programme with Beth, including inclusions and exclusions, please download here.


Metatobolic Balance Programme 

1 Initial Information & Investigation Naturopathic Consultation combined.                                                    This involves taking a baseline of your current health status. In clinic assessments include: Thyroflex , Blood Pressure, Weigh and Measure.

Completion of Metabolic Balance® Programme paperwork and required pathology.

On booking for this appointment, you will received a detailed Intake form, consultation form and Thyroflex Symptom questionnaire.

2.  Presentation of Metabolic Balance® Plan and marks the first week of the 12 week coaching programme.  This is the first of 7 Naturopathic Coaching Consultations.

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