Great Thyroid health means you are balanced on the inside.

So to do this you may have to make some changes:

Stress – get rid of it

Hormones – balance them

Gut issues – health the gut

Low energy – get nutrients inside the cells

Infections – identify and build immunity

Inflammation – extinguish it

Many Thyroid conditions are chronic, so that means you have had them for a very long time, they can also be hereditary, with sisters, Mums, Aunties and GrandMothers with similar conditions or taking Thyroid medication.

What is it that you want? More energy? To lose weight? To think clearly again? Get pregnant?

What are you prepared to do? Make better lifestyle choices? change what you eat? Introduce routine exercise?

These simple DIY things can do an enormous amount of great work to help the Thyroid feel better.

But what if you are already doing all that and it hasn’t helped? Then you may have a chronically low thyroid function or auto-immunity, commonly called Hashimotos.

This is like a slow burning fire that is slowly destroying the Thyroid gland. An inflammatory cascade that has a ripple effect through the body with multiple symptoms, which no doubt you are feeling.

Thyroid 101 – YOu have been concerned about your Thyroid in the past and had ‘it tested’ and told that you are ‘fine’.

YOu are still not feeling quite right but just have to keep on feeling the way you do until the TSH is text book high enough to medicate.

In the meantime it is quite possible that you have Thyroid anti-bodies that are happily enjoying their new home in your Thyroid gland and left to party in peace.

So what can Naturally Thyroid do to help you?

A full consultation about your current symptoms, diet and lifestyle is your first step (Initial Information Consultation).

Next is the (Follow up Investigation Consultation) stage and to get some really good testing done both in clinic and by trusted labs, that gives both a base-line and something to work with.

It’s great news when there is something that doesn’t need addressing, just as much as knowing what you need to improve on.

This is a list of common tests that may used:

1. A full Thyroid blood status panel

(TSH, Free T4, Free T3, TPOab, TGab, TRabs)

2. Thyroflex reflex test in clinic

(a real time reflex test reflecting current thyroid hormone in the muscle

3. Nutrient status by various means blood, hair, taste

(eg Vitamin D, Selenium, Zinc, Iodine)

4. Stress and sleep status by salivary

(Cortisol, Melatonin)

5. HOrmone status by blood, slalivary

(eg DHEAs, Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone)

6. Heavy metals by way of hair

7. Food allergies or incompatibility by blood or hair

8. Gut environment by stool (Parasites, yeast, bacteria)

9. Methylation and Genes by saliva or blood


10. Other testing necessary for your wellness

The next stage is putting it all together, which is Naturally Thyroid’s Interpretation phase. Looking at the results, your symptoms and spending time ‘working you out’.

We get together again in our Follow up Implementation Consultation in which results of investigations, information and Naturally Thyroid’s interpretation of ‘you’ are discussed.

Moving forward, complexities are unravelled as momentum is gained during our work toward your health goal. Meeting during Follow Up Integration Consultations, the focus is now moving through the various stages of healing, facing challenges and varying protocols.

Thyroid health is complex. The body is complex.

If you would like a comprehensive, educational and detailed approach to your Thyroid care, then Naturally Thyroid may be right for you.

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