Beth is a great listener. She will listen to symptoms and ask lots of questions to get to the bottom of health issues. She is very knowledgeable and keenly digs about for information when something tricky comes up. She takes a holistic approach to health. She’s been a massive help to me. I’m grateful that she is such a dedicated professional. Thanks Beth. Sarah, Perth, WA

I have tried almost every eating and exercise regime I could find and for the last 6 years I’ve not been able to budge my weight from 100kg.  I met Beth and with all her advice, already down 6kg in 2 weeks.  However the many reasons I joined the Metabolic [Balance®] plan was to improve my health.  I am more impressed with the changes my system has made than the side effect of weight loss.  I now have no digestive issues or immediate urge for the bathroom whenever I eat.  I have better blood pressure and my poor mood has improved, I’m without headaches and have better sleep and more energy.  I could go on and on.  I will be eternally grateful for meeting Beth and all her help. 

Marianne, Perth, WA

Male 57yr old, 100kg.

High blood pressure (medicated but still too high).

Auto immune disorder resulting in body and joint pain, fatigue, nausea. (medicated).

Introduced to the concept of Metabolic Balance ® and my wife and I decided to do the programme.

My general well being had been deteriorating and I was uncomfortable with my weight. Often stomach bloated and joints inflamed.

We had body measurements taken and a list of required blood tests to complete. Some were available through our doctor, the remaining we had done privately.

Our food plans arrived. Some foods I’d never tried before.

I shift work, two days, two nights, four off, weekends off fall monthly.

Though our food groups were different, my wife and I decided to start together, though she had already been reducing her food intake and upped her water drinking in preparation, I just crashed into it.

No alcohol, how would I manage? Turned out that was remarkably easy.

The first weekend came and we were ill prepared shopping wise. There was always going to be an excuse not to start but it was now or never. I looked at it like, the next 2 weeks will be gone quick enough regardless. A common topic is “where does the time go?”.

To begin with, it was a little challenging to grasp the food weighing, types of food, eating times and the water drinking. Did I mention the water drinking? However…

My body went into detox. Strange sensation, neither pleasant nor unpleasant but something was going on. I was happy to go with it.

Experienced some tiredness. Weighing in every day looking for change. And wow, 5 kgs gone in the first week!

We stuck to the plan rigidly. Some of my meals weren’t very creative, spent more time in the supermarket initially finding stuff, utilising as many food options as possible. Cleaned out the fridge. We got better at meal preparation, planning ahead. The food wasn’t too bad at all and became ample amounts. Had a few days of weight stabilising and then bang, another 5 kgs gone within that two weeks.

Now unstoppably motivated. Everything became easier.

Meals cooked in 5 minutes, minimum clean up.

After sixteen days we were able to add a few more food items, maybe a treat meal, and a possibility of relaxed phase as opposed to strict phase. I was happy to keep going. Got invited to a two day fishing tournament. Off the plan a bit but managed it OK.

My blood pressure came down. Three weeks, still a bit tired, going to work, not doing much at home. Four weeks. Weight loss had stagnated then dropped again in smaller increments. Time flying by. Seven weeks now. Made it to 85 kg. Stomach bloating gone. Inflammation gone. Blood pressure staying down, my next doctors appointment I will be seeking to reduce my medication.

Body pain reducing. Have gone from 8 Paracetamol per day to zero. Maybe I can get off some off this other medication?

Energy levels on the increase. Undertaking those put off chores. Well being, I’m feeling fantastic!!!

Fitting in other events on social calendar. And it is actually easy to say ‘no’ to temptation.

I would recommend this life changing program to anybody.

It requires some discipline to begin with but well worth the effort. Russell, Taranaki, NZ

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