Introducing the Thyroflex. Thyro for thyroid and Flex for reflex. Simply put it checks your reflex. Commonly a reflex is done on the front of the knee when you are sitting with your legs dangling freely and a rubber reflex hammer is used to hit a tendon below your knee. The leg usually jolts out as the muscle contracts. This is the same thing, but the muscle that is stimulated is in the forearm. The arm reflex allows you you relax with your arm supported on a table top. A node it attached around the hand to collect data and the stimulus used gives a firm stimulation onto the reflex. Along with your height and weight plus the totals of a Thyroflex pre-questionnaire, a live assessment can be made of your Thyroid function. Quite clever really. Since the muscles (plus every cell in the body) are regulated by Thyroid hormone, then the speed at which you react  may give an idea to the amount of available hormone. This can then be backed up with Thyroid Blood tests by your Dr. 

No Thyroid assessment is complete without a full Thyroid blood panel. This is what is required.
TSH – Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
T4 – Thyroxine
T3 – Tri-IodoThyronine
RT3 – Reverse T3
TPOab – ThyroPeroxidase Antibodies
TGab – ThyroGlobulin Antibodies
TRabs – Thyroid Receptor Antibodies

Commonly you may just get TSH through your GP.  To get the T4 and/or T3 also on Medicare, certain requirements are to be met according to the Medicare Item (66719) .  Often when the TSH reading is within the lab range, no more action is taken.  Sadly just because the TSH is within lab range, does not mean that it is in a healthy range. It is common to have ‘normal’ looking TSH and have an diagnosed inflammation of the Thyroid called Hashimotos.  


Hormones are vital for life. They are chemical messengers sent by our special glands in the body, such as the Thyroid, Adrenals, Ovaries and Testes.  More often than not, we experience symptoms of our hormones not being regulated properly and we may be making too much or two little of one or more hormones.  The D.U.T.C.H is short for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones.

An excellent snapshot and visual map of your hormones. Collection is simple, no concerns about a dry mouth and drooling into a sample tube. Instead samples are collected by passing your your stream of urine and allowed to dry. 

 Check out the Sample Report for Women and the Sample Report for Men.


Sometimes we need to look at the end product of our working Biochemistry. This gives valuable information about what is going on in the inside. The OAT is an Organic Acid Test, it looks at over 75 different ‘metabolites’ being the end product or waste matter of chemistry, rather than food waste (stool test). A very comprehensive report is produced from which areas can be assessed such as Yeast and Fungal Markers, Bacteria & Clostridia. Energy and Neurotrasmitters ( Brain stuff) Folate and some nutritional markers such as Vit B6, B12, B5, B2, Vit C and CoQ10. Assessment of your detoxification ability, amino acid profile. All this from a 10ml sample of morning urine.

Genetics are becoming more into vogue in functional health. They define who you are, with the environment (diet, lifestyle, toxic exposures) enhancing or messing with your genes. If we take one gene, it has had to have coding from your Mother and your Father. So a gene that is expressing in your Mother (for example she has two of the same ++) you will get one of these + and then depending on your Father, he may have ++, +- or –, so your outcome could be ++, or +-, but could never be — because you already have a + from your Mother. So it’s a 50/50 split.
Methylation is where a ‘Methyl group’ which is one carbon atom bonded to three hydrogen atoms moves though various cycles. The process of Methylation is paramount to our Folate cycle (fertility, pregnancy, DNA replication and repair), Cardio Vascular health (Homocysteine) Energy cycle (Krebs cycle), Mood (Dopamine), Sleep (Seratonin), Stress response (Adrenaline), Sleep (Melatonin) .
Working with Genetics gives really important information in particular if a person is struggling with health issues that are not resolved easily.  The illustrations show an example of a report generated by Ben Lynch’s StrateGene.  

Leading edge DNA information of the gut microbiome (everything that is is your lower gut) can now be accessed by a simple smear. Your microbiome is individual to you, so finding out who you are feeding in your gut is paramount to your health outcomes. This new method of checking out your microbiome looks at all species with abundance of more than 0.05% of bacteria, archaea, fungi and protists. The report breaks down the functionality of these microbes so we can learn more about your general gut health, immunity, inflammation, metabolism and nervous system health.

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