Initial                  Information Consultation

45 – 60 Minutes $99 

On booking, you will received a detailed Intake form and Symptom questionnaire to fill out.

Prior to our appointment this will be reviewed so we can get straight to your major health concerns. 

Follow Up   Investigation Consultation

45 – 60 Minutes $139

Follows on from the Initial Information Consultation.

Taking a base-line of your current health status.

In clinic assessments may include:

Thyroflex, Thyroid palpation, Blood Pressure, BMI, Zinc status, Visual skin, nails, hair signs. 

Discussion and preparation of further pathology or functional testing if required.

Follow Up Implementation  Consultation

45 – 60 Minutes $159

Follows on from the Investigation Consultation

Putting together it all for you.

Results of information, investigations and Naturally Thyroid’s interpretation of your current health status are discussed.

Recommendations on life-style, diet and therapeutic supplementation will be presented.

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