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No Motivation? It may be your FOXA2

Feel like this guy? You know that feeling, you’ve got no energy, can’t be bothered, just want to sleep, know you should move, but you don’t. Now you can say “Oh, it’s just my FOXA2" What?? I've heard of that! Unfortunately, being careful or not in choosing your food,...

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Vitamin D, are you getting enough?

Bbbrrrrr, the Winter Solstice has just passed. However there is still plenty of wild winter weather to come before we can really enjoy fresh-air activities in full daylight before and after work and so our Vitamin D levels may be suffering. There is an average drop of...

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Belly fat can be a sign of high Oestrogen

“I’ve put on weight” “I can’t lose the weight around my belly.” It is a vicious cycle. A low thyroid function will allow you to put on the belly fat, and the belly fat in turn will encourages low thyroid hormone Oh my gosh, what chance do I...

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