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What is your health plan for 2019?

As the year draws to a close it is wonderful to be celebrating with friends and family. It is a time that we tend to indulge and over do the food and the wine. Coming into New Year’s as we make our final hurrah to 2018 we find ourselves reflecting and planning for...

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Iron Pathology

Feeling fatigued, pale, inside of bottom eyelids pale? You may be lacking Iron Iron is needed to make the red blood cell to carry oxygen around the body. Not enough Iron, not enough red blood cells. Iron is naturally lower in the blood in the afternoon, so you may...

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Inflammatory Pathology

There are a couple of different markers that indicate inflammation in the body. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) This is non-specific, which means that there is some chronic inflammation in the body, just what or where is an unknown. Basically the blood is shaken...

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White Blood Cell Pathology

This section of Pathology is found in the Haematology below the Haemoglobin section. White blood cells are your immune defence system. If any results are raised it means some sort of invasion – bacterial, viral, parasites or auto immune responses. There are 5 types to...

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Lipid Pathology

What is your cholesterol like? As the major fat going through the arteries it is super important to keep this within range.  Risks of having high cholesterol are a heart and blood vessel disease.  Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the blood vessel walls so they can no...

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Liver Pathology

You may have had a liver function test come back out of range and the Doctor has asked you to have a repeat test in a month or so. This is because the enzymes maybe raised due to lifestyle choices rather than any significant disease process.   AST Aspartate...

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