Hi, I am Beth!

My passion is in offering a holistic approach to your health issues.  My expertise is with the tiny glands that make you work.  Your hormone health is vital for feeling awesome and it could be letting your down.  The health of the Thyroid will slow you down or can speed you up, stress and sleep will impact your energy and mood and sex hormones can make you feel a little crazy at times.  If you have a thyroid issue then your weight can be so frustrating to manage. 

Being a Metabolic Balance Practitioner means you have access to an a amazing whole foods nutrition programme.  Using foods to heal is not new, but easily forgotten in our quest for health and this programme works with astounding results in health and as a result weight releases and stabilises your gut health. It’s awesome to see it work it’s magic with my Thyroid ladies.

I love learning and always have some sort of research on the go.  I’ve spent the last two years gaining extensive knowledge in the leading field of epigenetics and methylation.  By finding out what genes you were born with and how they are working for you, this information allows for a truly comprehensive approach to your health. 

My clinic space is within a residential clinic in Butler, the Northern suburbs of Perth.

Outside of clinic I am married and a Mother of two. I am a bit of a home body which suits my love of study.  Being fit and active is really important to me, and I love my oceanside walks, pilates and adult ballet classes.  




Beth Klenner

Advanced Diploma of Natural Medicine

 Diploma of Herbal Medicine

 Diploma of Homoeopathy

Metabolic Balance Coach 

G.E.M.M. Certified Practitioner

 Member of the Complementary Medicine Association

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