Beth loves consulting within a wonderful holistic wellness and training centre based in Clarkson, the northern suburbs of Perth called Art en Soul.

Having studied Natural Medicine, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy over a decade ago, Beth pursues continuous education to benefit all who consult with her.

By keeping up with new research in all fields of natural medicine and new emerging fields such as Methylation and Epigenetics, Beth is able to provide a holistic approach to your thyroid, adrenal, hormone and gut health.

Her passion is to guide you in your journey of wellness, establishing a baseline of health and working with you to priortorise and address your symptoms while assessing for root causes.

Using her wealth of experience in diagnostics, such as pathology, salivary hormones & cortisol, DUTCH, Organic Acids, Genetics (MTHFR),  CDSA and the thyroflex, Beth will encourage and empower you in your health journey.





Beth Klenner

Advanced Diploma of Natural Medicine

 Diploma of Herbal Medicine

 Diploma of Homoeopath

Metabolic Balance® Coach 


Member of the Complementary Medicine Association

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