Would you love to reset your metabolism and melt into the size of your dreams?

How about more energy, better sleep and to think clearly again? 

Hi, I am Beth and I help women who struggle with their thyroid to melt into the size of their dreams and love the body they live in.

Is this you?

  • Have a thick foggy head or find it hard to think
  • Not good at mental maths
  • A poor memory, forget your words, what you were about to do or find
  • Get depressed easily
  • Can become moody often 
  • Find it hard to get to sleep
  • Wake in the night and can’t get back to sleep easily 
  • Constipation, don’t go everyday
  • Poor bowel movements 
  • Can’t lose weight not matter how little you eat and how much your exercise
  • Weight goes on too easily for your liking, especially around the waist
  • You bump into doorways and furniture that you know has always been there
  • Experience joint pain
  • Have carpal tunnel
  • Tendency to get muscle aches and/or cramps
  • Intimacy is the last thing on your mind
  • Your periods were/are heavy and mostly irregular
  • You are menopausal
  • Cold hands and feet (you love a hottie)
  • Hair breaks easily or falls out in handfuls 
  • Your Mum, Grandmother, Aunt or Sister has a thyroid issue
Did you know that your thyroid makes only 1 tsp of Thyroid hormone in a  year? 

This precious hormone goes into every single cell of your body.That gives you an idea of how potent and how important thyroid hormone is.

It affects EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING can affects the Thyroid.

Great Thyroid health means you are balanced on the inside.

So to do this you may have to make some changes:

Get rid of stress

Balance your hormones

Heal your gut

Get nutrients inside the cells for energy 

Identify and build immunity to infections

Extinguish inflammation

Many thyroid conditions are chronic, so that means you have had them for a very long time, even before you have noticed any symptoms.   They can also be hereditary, with close family members with similar conditions who also maybe taking thyroid medication.

How is your slow thyroid holding you back in life?  

Do you want more energy to go for that walk, do activities with the kids, manage your day without crashing or living your life on the couch?

Want to lose weight so you feel fit and amazing?

To think clearly again to be faster at work, make decisions and feel good about yourself?

To have your long awaited baby?

We all know that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is crazy.

So what are you prepared to do?

Make better lifestyle choices?

Change what you eat?

Introduce routine exercise?

Those few simple DIY things can go an enormous way to help the Thyroid feel better.

But what if you are already doing all that and it’s not helped?

Then you may have a chronically low thyroid function or have auto-immunity, commonly called Hashimotos, which will continue to go undetected. 

This is like a slow burning fire that is slowly destroying the Thyroid gland. An inflammatory cascade that has a ripple effect through the body with multiple symptoms, which no doubt you are feeling.

You remain concerned about your thyroid even though the Doctor has run the thyroid test and says it is fine. 

You are still not feeling quite right but feel you have no other option than to just keep on feeling the way you do.

So what can Naturally Thyroid do to help you?

A full consultation about your current symptoms, diet and lifestyle is your first step along with some really good relevant testing, both in clinic and by trusted labs, that gives both a base-line and information to work with.

It’s great news to find out that there is something that doesn’t need addressing, just as much as knowing what you need to improve on.

Tests available to be done are:

A full thyroid blood status panel is paramount.                                 

In clinic the Thyroflex test, which is a real time reflex test reflecting current thyroid hormone in the muscle.

Nutrient status can be obtained by various means blood, hair, taste.

Stress and sleep status by salivary or urine.

Hormone status by blood, salivary or urine.

Heavy metals by way of hair testing.

Food allergies or incompatibility by blood or hair.

Ideal food plan by blood.

Gut environment by stool.

Whole body processes via urine.

Methylation and Genes by saliva or blood.

Once results are received for the relevant investigations plus using the information previously gained in the initial consultation a collective informed interpretation is made.

Moving forward, complexities are unravelled as momentum is gained as symptoms fall away. Protocols can change as you move through the various stages of healing. 

Thyroid health is complex. The body is complex.

If you would like a thorough and detailed approach to your thyroid care then Naturally Thyroid may be right choice for you.


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