Metabolic Balance® is the brainchild of Dr Wolf Funfack along with his Naturopath Wife, Birgit and her sister Silvia Bürkle a food technologist in the late 1980’s.

The Metabolic Balance® programme is based on the German national food database. Along with personal data (body measurements, age, gender, previous illnesses, current medications, food dislikes, intolerances and 32 blood parameters) from the individual seeking a plan.

How does it work?  Metabolic Balance® Programme is based on the hypothesis that the number of different enzymes and hormones are required for the digestion of different foods.  It is a matter of giving a personalised nutritional diet to ensure all these nutrient requirements are met. When the enzymes and hormones are back in balance, the body can naturally rebalance their state of metabolism.

This whole foods nutrition programme begins working right away and has a long-lasting effect.  After two years the long-term success rate in terms of maintaining normal weight and improved clinical values is between 60-90%.

Why wait any longer when you can already be melting away.

Natural Weight loss  Simple, Easy

Are you sick of not knowing what is the right food for you to eat?  You’ve tried the lemon detox, cabbage soup or celery juice diets.  Maybe you are gluten free, or tried keto, AIP, low or no sugar and do intermittent fasting.  You may even have been a member of Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.

These options have left you unsatisfied, confused and feeling like nothing can help you.

How would you love to eat foods knowing they are intelligently chosen for you?

How would you love to wake up in the morning after a refreshing sleep and jump on the scales and find you have lost 100gms, 250gms, or even between 500gms to 1000gms!  Overnight and without exercise. You read that right. I said overnight and without exercise. 

It has been done by many and it could be you next shouting out from excitement from behind your bathroom door.

Ask yourself…………

Do you want to achieve your healthy weight by only eating real foods? e.g. no weight loss shakes, pills or bars, but instead proteins, vegetables and fruit.

Are you committed to making changes in your eating habits and choices of what you eat? 

e.g. no longer eating cereal or toast for breakfast or just having a coffee

Do you want to re-boost your metabolism and melt into the size of your dreams?

If you have answered YES to all three of these questions then you are on the way to making exciting and huge changes in your life for the sake of your health, mind and longevity. 

The long-term success of a nutrition programme for weight reduction is defined as follows:

The original body weight must be reduced by at least 5% and this weight loss must be maintained for 1 year (Committee to Develop Criteria for Evaluating the Outcomes of Approaches to Prevent and Treat Obesity & Institute of Medicine).

In line with this definition 62.5% of Metabolic Balance participants achieved this target.  Not only that 31.1% even lost more than 10% of their body weight and remained so for more than one year. No studies have been undertaken for more than 12 months.

See the Researched Article here on Metabolic Balance  

Wanting more information?  Head over to the official Metabolic Balance® website.
WARNING:  You may experience compliments and need to buy new clothes. 🙂

This program is:

1. Easy to adhere to 

2. Simple to prepare foods

3. Pro Health


Disclaimer: These are the personal experiences of clients and do not guarantee, promise or elude that you may experience any of these for yourself by partaking in the Metabolic Balance  Programme®. Futhermore, Metabolic Balance Programme® does not make claims to cure any medical health condition. 
I am extremely happy with the Metabolic Balance® program, I have lost 12 kg in just 5 weeks! I no longer wake up with tingles and numbness in my hands or stiff feet. I have loads more energy throughout the day. I feel like I have come alive again! The foods I have been given on my list are delicious and wholesome, I am totally satisfied and never feel hungry. I am exploring different foods that I never would have thought to eat before. So happy to have found something so practical and simple that I can fit into my busy schedule and can also use as a lifelong guide! Beth is amazing! She is professional, warm, understanding and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend as both a Naturopath and Metabolic Balance® Practitioner.

Stephanie, WA

I have tried almost every eating and exercise regime I could find and for the last 6 years I’ve not been able to budge my weight from 100kgs. I met Beth and with all her advice, knowledge, positivity and inspiration I’m already down 6kgs in 2weeks. However the many reason I joined the Metabolic Balance® Programme was to improve my health. I am more impressed with the changes my system has made than the weight loss. I’ve had no indigestion, stomach cramps or immediate urge for the bathroom whenever I eat. I have also had my menses, which I’ve not had properly in over 10years. Other health benefits ive noticed in this short time are lowered blood pressure, less anxiety and depression, no headaches, better sleep and more energy. I could go on and on. I will be eternally grateful for meeting Beth and all her help

Marianne, WA

Beth is a fantastic naturopath with specialised skills in metabolic balance. I felt completely supported as Beth coached me through dramatic changes in my health and well being. I continue to see Beth for treatment for hormonal issues which are resolving therefore avoiding surgery.

Nicola, WA

Male 57yr old, 100kg.  High blood pressure (medicated but still too high).  Auto immune disorder resulting in body and joint pain, fatigue, nausea. (medicated).

Introduced to the concept of Metabolic Balance ® and my wife and I decided to do the programme.

My general well being had been deteriorating and I was uncomfortable with my weight. Often stomach bloated and joints inflamed.

We had body measurements taken and a list of required blood tests to complete. Some were available through our doctor, the remaining we had done privately.

Our food plans arrived. Some foods I’d never tried before.

I shift work, two days, two nights, four off, weekends off fall monthly.

Though our food groups were different, my wife and I decided to start together, though she had already been reducing her food intake and upped her water drinking in preparation, I just crashed into it.

No alcohol, how would I manage? Turned out that was remarkably easy.

The first weekend came and we were ill prepared shopping wise. There was always going to be an excuse not to start but it was now or never. I looked at it like, the next 2 weeks will be gone quick enough regardless. A common topic is “where does the time go?”.

To begin with, it was a little challenging to grasp the food weighing, types of food, eating times and the water drinking. Did I mention the water drinking? However…

My body went into detox. Strange sensation, neither pleasant nor unpleasant but something was going on. I was happy to go with it.

Experienced some tiredness. Weighing in every day looking for change. And wow, 5 kgs gone in the first week!

We stuck to the plan rigidly. Some of my meals weren’t very creative, spent more time in the supermarket initially finding stuff, utilising as many food options as possible. Cleaned out the fridge. We got better at meal preparation, planning ahead. The food wasn’t too bad at all and became ample amounts. Had a few days of weight stabilising and then bang, another 5 kgs gone within that two weeks.

Now unstoppably motivated. Everything became easier.

Meals cooked in 5 minutes, minimum clean up.

After sixteen days we were able to add a few more food items, maybe a treat meal, and a possibility of relaxed phase as opposed to strict phase. I was happy to keep going. Got invited to a two day fishing tournament. Off the plan a bit but managed it OK.

My blood pressure came down. Three weeks, still a bit tired, going to work, not doing much at home. Four weeks. Weight loss had stagnated then dropped again in smaller increments. Time flying by. Seven weeks now. Made it to 85 kg. Stomach bloating gone. Inflammation gone. Blood pressure staying down, my next doctors appointment I will be seeking to reduce my medication.

Body pain reducing. Have gone from 8 Paracetamol per day to zero. Maybe I can get off some off this other medication?

Energy levels on the increase. Undertaking those put off chores. Well being, I’m feeling fantastic!!!

Fitting in other events on social calendar. And it is actually easy to say ‘no’ to temptation.

I would recommend this life changing program to anybody.

Russell, Taranaki, NZ



Reset Your Body

30 Minutes – Free

Let’s meet up or chat on the phone for an obligation free discussion about how  Metabolic Balance® can benefit you.

Metabolic Balance®  Maxi
This is perfect for my Thyroid clients or your prime goal is to assist with your current health issue, which may still need support during your Metabolic Balance® programme.


You prefer a more relaxed and non-rushed supportive environment

You like to be listened to or need time to digest information

60 minute consultation time available.

Thyroflex on final consultation.

Upgrades available:

Additional Thyroflex within the 60 minutes consultation time $59.95

Metabolic Balance®  Express
An excellent choice if you are only weight management focused (lose/gain/maintain)  You are otherwise healthy and are not addressing other major health issues.  Ideal for Wedding preparation or trimming up for summer.
The quicker consultations times suit you, you like to get in and out and on with your busy day.

You like to get the facts and ‘get on with it’.

30 minute consultation time available.

Upgrades available:

Additional 30 minutes consultation time $49.95 to discuss non-Metabolic Balance® related issues

Additional Thyroflex 30 minutes $99.95

Metabolic Balance®  Distance
This option is for you if you live too far away to make face to face appointments.


Available only to residents of Australia and New Zealand.

This has all the inclusions of Metabolic Balance®  Express. 

30 minute consultations of available chat time, as you will do your own measure and weigh-ins.

Upgrades available:

Additional 30 minutes consultation time $49.95 to discuss non-Metabolic Balance® related issues


All Metabolic Balance® Programmes start with an Initial Information Consultation. 

Metabolic Balance®  Maxi Initial Information & Investigation Consultation
120 Minutes
A comprehensive Initial Information & Investigation consultation. Includes:

1 x Thyroflex (reflex assessment of the thyroid)

Thyroid palpation

Blood Pressure

Zinc Tally Test

Hair, nail and skin signs

Metabolic Balance® Paperwork completion

Letter to GP for blood tests or pathology script.

Metabolic Balance®  Express Initial Information Consultation 
90 Minutes
A comprehensive Information Initial Consultation. 
Metabolic Balance® Paperwork completion

Letter to GP for blood tests or pathology script.

Metabolic Balance®  Distance Information Consultation
90 Minutes
A comprehensive Information Initial Consultation. 
Metabolic Balance® Paperwork completion

Letter to GP for blood tests or pathology script.

  Metabolic Balance® CONSULTATIONS Summary


Initial Information & Investigation Consultation Including Thyroflex

120 Minutes

   Yes    N/A    N/A
Initial Information Consultation

90 Minutes

   N/A    Yes    Yes
Consultation Cost $239.95 $159.95 $159.95

Metabolic Balance® PROGRAMMES Summary 

12 Week Programme    Maxi Express Distance
One Plan Presentation Consultation                  Six Naturopath MB® Consultations 60 Mins  60 Mins  60 Mins 30 Mins 60 Mins   30 Mins
Upgrade to a 60 min Naturopath Consultation $49     N/A      Yes    Yes
One Thyroflex Test at week 12     Yes      No    N/A
Upgrade to a Thyroflex test within the 60 min Consult $59.95     Yes      No    N/A
Upgrade and have a Thyroflex test with additional 30 mins $99.95     N/A      Yes    N/A
Anthropometry assessments of:                    Six Weight with Tanita Scales                              Six Measure – waist, hip & thigh                        One Height Measure with Stadiometer              Three Digital photos – Front, Side, Back      Yes      Yes      No
Own 3x Digital photos – Front, Side, Back       No       No     Yes
Hardcover Presentation Folder with your Personal Metabolic Balance® Nutrition plan
(ave 30 pages) Includes:
Personal Metabolic Balance® Menu Plan
Metabolic Balance® Shopper Guide
Metabolic Balance® Rules & Guides
Daily & Weekly Progress reports
     Yes       Yes     Yes
Initial dietary supplements to start you on your Metabolic Balance® Plan      Yes       Yes     Yes
24/7 access to a private MB Facebook group      Yes       Yes     Yes
12 Week Achievement Certificate      Yes       Yes     Yes
Metabolic Balance® Programme Plan $1339.95  $1099.95 $1099.95








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